Hair Lingo


baylage, biolage that bali thing. 

What is it & how on earth do you say it?

Baylayage: pronounced ball-ee-ahj directly translated from its French origin means "to sweep".

It is the process of sweeping color on, opposed to saturating each strand completely. You can have many different versions of baylayage. But simply put; it is adding color or lightener to the hair in a natural painted on way. Think of baylayage as a technique. Not an exact look.

Now, many people are still sitting here going, "Then what the heck is ombre? What's the difference in Bayalayage and highlights?"

Ombre is the concept of more solid contrast of colors. For example a more solidly colored base or root color, that gradually fades into solidly light ends. An ombre can be achieved by using baylayage. Ombre is the style, baylayage is the technique.

Now the difference between foil highlights and baylayage is that while highlights are definitely customized for each individual, for the most part on every client they are to the root to achieve a more solid color throughout. While baylayage can be applied with foils as well it is a technique that is more customizable for each individual. It is for the most part painted closely to the root, but not directly on it. Baylayage can also be painted on further down the hair strand for a 'rootier' look.

While my heart currently resides with baylayage, you can generally only achieve a more natural level of lift with this technique.

What does that mean?

You may need a full head of highlights to get you as light as you would like to be to then transition to a baylayage.


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What is the difference between a partial & a full highlight?

So glad you asked! 

A full highlight is almost your entire head in foils, while a partial includes your hairline and top crown area of your head.

What's your favorite?

This is the question I probably get asked the most. And my answer changes constantly as my tastes and style do. But at the end of the day my first love was and is styling. Color has been something that I have grown to love, just as barbering has. I love that I have a career that gives me more than one creative outlet. At the end of the day though, whether it be cut, color, or styling; my favorite style is undone. I want your up-do to look effortless and tousled. I want your color to look like you might have been born with it. Subtle, natural, & effortless beauty is always my favorite. 

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